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Minor Issue for Subject & Course GuidesResolved

Began: 2019-03-08 9:54 AM Resolved: 2019-03-08 11:01 AM
Created On:2019-03-08 9:54 AM
Last Updated: 2019-03-08 11:01 AM
[2019-03-08 9:54 AM]-Matthew Reidsma

Cannot add a file or document to a guide. It appears that Springshare has opted to use custom JavaScript to load files rather than using code HTML functionality. The JavaScript function throws an "empty string" error when calling a jQuery function. I've submitted a ticket.

[2019-03-08 11:01 AM]-Matthew Reidsma

One of the Web Team's styles for the template was conflicting with Springshare's code to make the file input appear off the screen. I added the following CSS rule and that solved the issue: #file_upload { width: auto !important; max-width: none !important; }