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Minor Issue for DatabasesResolved

Began: 2018-11-01 1:42 PM Resolved: 2018-11-01 3:03 PM
Created On:2018-11-01 1:42 PM
Last Updated: 2018-11-01 3:03 PM
[2018-11-01 1:42 PM]-Marcia Lee

EBSCO has sent notification that "intermittent authentication problems" have been reported for their platforms. Their notification states: "EBSCO Customer Support has received reports of an issue with customers receiving an error code 103 when attempting to log in to EBSCO. Our engineering teams are currently investigating the issue and we will update this page when more information is available. " We will update this posting as more information is received.

[2018-11-01 3:03 PM]-Marcia Lee

Incident resolved notification from EBSCO: "The issues customers reported with authentication to EBSCO products are now resolved. If you continue to experience an issue please contact Customer Support. We apologize for the inconvenience."