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Feature Request for Subject & Course GuidesUnresolved

Began: 2018-02-09 10:37 AM
Created On:2018-02-09 10:37 AM
Last Updated: 2018-02-09 10:37 AM
[2018-02-09 10:37 AM]-Patrick Roth

[8/19/14 @ 11:58 am - Matthew] LibGuides 2.0 Database A-Z list doesn't work without JavaScript. Even though most visitors to our site have JS enabled, sites need to have an adequate non-JS fallback for when JavaScript fails to load or is unable to run (for instance, on some assistive devices). I've submitted a ticket to Springshare.

No JS Database A-Z List

Since this would violate section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities act, we won't be using the public side of the Database A-Z list in LibGuides until this issue is resolved.

[8/19/14 @ 3:08 pm - Matthew] The LibGuides 2.0 homepage is also inaccessible without JavaScript. Sigh. I have a broad interpretation of Section 508 accessibility rules, but I see this as being a problem for these two requirements:

(k) A text-only page, with equivalent information or functionality, shall be provided to make a web site comply with the provisions of this part, when compliance cannot be accomplished in any other way. The content of the text-only page shall be updated whenever the primary page changes.

(l) When pages utilize scripting languages to display content, or to create interface elements, the information provided by the script shall be identified with functional text that can be read by assistive technology.

I have reported this to Springshare, and hope they fix this soon!

[9/11/14 @ 4:06 pm - Matthew] Springshare notified me that these are both listed as priority fixes, so we should see an update shortly.

[8/12/15 @ 9:21 pm - Matthew] It's been almost a year, but it seems like this still doesn't work without JavaScript. I'll follow up with Springshare.

[3/2/16 @ 1:32 pm - Matthew] Checked up with Springshare again:

adding a non-JavaScript fallback for these public pages is still on our list of accessibility improvements. However, we can't provide an ETA as to when this might be developed.

This Minor Issue was reported on 8/19/14.