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Update Resolved

[5/5/16 @ 9:45 am - Ben]

We added 5 new Credo MARC records today.

This Update happened on 5/5/16.

Minor Issue Resolved

[3/8/16 @ 3:14 pm - Sara]

Ebsco resources are having trouble linking to full text. They are working to resolve it.

[3/28/16 @ 8:00 am - Sara]

They look to be working now. IT might have been an issue of them pulling journals as some seem to no longer be offered by EBSCO

This Minor Issue was reported on 3/8/16 and resolved on 3/28/16.

Minor Issue Resolved

[10/9/15 @ 10:27 am - Ben]

We are seeing dual proxy configurations showing up in Intota again. I emailed them and they sent along this fix for the problem:

When you enter a custom url in title details and save it, your proxy is added to it. You then need to edit again to remove the proxy. Then when you save it, only one instance of the proxy will be added, the proxy you have in Library Settings.

[5/9/16 @ 11:38 am - Matthew]

Closing this out since we have a work-around.

This Minor Issue was reported on 10/9/15 and resolved on 5/9/16.

Minor Issue Resolved

[4/21/15 @ 11:18 am - Matthew]

360Link 2.0 includes a "Custom Javascript" function, but it doesn't seem to work. The script is never loaded. Consequently, I've had to load my scripts before the ProQuest libraries, and use timeouts to keep them from executing until all the ProQuest scripts are in place. I've reported this as a bug.

[9/14/15 @ 3:10 pm - Matthew]

Since we are not migrating to 360Link 2.0 until they force us to, I'm closing this issue.

This Minor Issue was reported on 4/21/15 and resolved on 9/14/15.

Minor Issue Resolved

[4/14/15 @ 3:20 pm - Matthew]

Serials Solutions changed the underlying HTML structure of the default citation fields in 360Link, which means our script is turning up empty fields for all parts of the citation except for the author. I'm looking into it.

[4/14/15 @ 3:41 pm - Matthew]

This happened when we turned on the test functionality for 360Link 2.0. I've turned off those testing features, so the problem has been fixed.

This Minor Issue was reported on 4/14/15 and resolved on 4/14/15.

Minor Issue Resolved

[11/21/14 @ 12:50 pm - Sara]

Google Scholar Article Linker- Button not showing- We received a notice earlier this week that the article linker would not be available this week while Google corrected an error that recently occurred loading the 360 Link files. The error has been resolved. They will be updating the holdings and we expect to see a return of the Get it @ GVSU button by next Tues or Wed. We will be checking to make sure everything is correct next week.

[12/5/14 @ 3:51 pm - Jeff]

Good afternoon all, I received this update:

"Hello 360 Link clients, I am happy to let you know that Google has updated holdings on their end so 360 Link links are once again available in Google Scholar results.
In order for links to appear in Google Scholar results, users may need to visit Google Scholar’s settings/”library links” section and choose to display links for your institution in order for the links to appear again in the Google results. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused your users."

This Minor Issue was reported on 11/21/14 and resolved on 12/5/14.

Outage Resolved

[11/3/14 @ 12:00 am - Sara]

Article linking for all EBSCO databases is currently not available. The Get it @ GVSU button is not showing for articles which we do not have full text access. Full text article are still available in Ebsco. Ebsco has been contacted and is keeping us updated on the efforts to resolve this problem.

[11/6/14 @ 2:46 pm - Sara]

Article linker has been restored for Ebsco products.

This Outage was reported on 11/3/14 and resolved on 11/6/14.

Minor Issue Resolved

[6/5/14 @ 11:14 am - Sara]

We have encountered several examples of the link resolver failing when attempting to link into ScienceDirect. The page will be blank or the message will state that the url is invalid. The only common factor is that ScienceDirect is the target. Not all SD articles are doing this but generally when one article in a journal fails to connect, you can be fairly sure they all will display the same behavior. I have contacted Elsevier and will update when I hear back.

[6/6/14 @ 2:02 pm - Sara]

Minor Issue for Link Resolver -ScienceDirect ScienceDirect has received several reports of issues between ezproxy and linking into their resources. They are working on a permanent fix, however they have provided us a patch in the meantime so access should be restored through 360 link. If anyone encounters examples that are not working, please report them ASAP

This Minor Issue was reported on 6/5/14 and resolved on 6/6/14.