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Issues for Summon

Minor Issue Resolved

[4/24/17 @ 12:23 pm - Matthew]

Links to EBSCO resources that route through the link resolver from Summon are not resolving. ProQuest is aware of the problem and working on it. I'll post more information once we have it.

[4/24/17 @ 1:59 pm - Matthew]

ProQuest has fixed this issue, and EBSCO content should now be linking correctly.

This Minor Issue was reported on 4/24/17 and resolved on 4/24/17.

Outage Resolved

[1/16/17 @ 2:23 pm - Sara]

Summon is currently down. Service disrupt message when clicking on result. Ex Libris has contacted us. They are working on it and will have it up as soon as they can.

[1/16/17 @ 2:35 pm - Sara]

Seems to be intermittent

[1/16/17 @ 2:36 pm - Sara]

Ex Libris reported it resolved. Search working.

This Outage was reported on 1/16/17 and resolved on 1/16/17.

Minor Issue Resolved

[10/25/16 @ 10:26 am - Matthew]

RSS Feeds are working intermittently. Sometimes feeds will show results, while other times they will not. Often even if the raw feed shows results, it will say "no results" when embedded in a LibGuide or other RSS reader.

I've submitted a case to ProQuest on this, case #00352667.

[1/23/17 @ 2:23 pm - Matthew]

ProQuest has fixed the RSS feeds, although at times user browser cache can interfere with them refreshing, especially in LibGuides.

This Minor Issue was reported on 10/25/16 and resolved on 1/23/17.

Maintenance Maintenance

[8/24/16 @ 1:00 pm - Matthew]

ProQuest will be releasing an updated user interface for Summon today. There is no planned downtime. For more information, see the ProQuest communication on this refreshed user interface.

This Maintenance is scheduled from 01:00pm 8/24/16 until 02:00pm 8/24/16.

Minor Issue Resolved

[1/21/16 @ 1:05 pm - Matthew]

Permalinks have vanished from Summon results. There is currently no way to grab a permanent link to a result in Summon. They disappeared during the code deployment yesterday, but no one from ProQuest knows where they went.

We're being assured that they are looking through all of the desk drawers and cabinets in their offices, as well as the code, to find the missing permalinks. They will update us once they have a solution in place.

[1/22/16 @ 8:51 am - Matthew]

The patch to fix Summon permalinks was pushed live last night, and permalinks have returned to search results:

Permalinks are back

No word on where the permalinks had gone. The important thing is that they are back.

This Minor Issue was reported on 1/21/16 and resolved on 1/22/16.

Minor Issue Resolved

[9/2/15 @ 10:34 am - Sara]

Any Films on Demand title found in Summon currently is asking for a login on an error page but will not load the video. This is a problem specifically with Summon. These titles work if you find them in the catalog or directly in Films on Demand. But it will look to most patrons like it is not working at all as they use Summon primarily. We are working to get it resolved soon.

[9/21/15 @ 12:58 pm - Sara]

videos are again working from the Summon search

This Minor Issue was reported on 9/2/15 and resolved on 9/21/15.

Minor Issue Resolved

[8/26/15 @ 11:25 am - Matthew]

Emailing of saved records is working sporadically. Reports indicate that IE is having loads of trouble, while Firefox sometimes works. The Summon team is looking into the issue and I will update when I know more.

[1/20/16 @ 11:28 am - Matthew]

Problems with emailing records from Summon is scheduled to be fixed in today's release. I'll update here once the changes go live and I've had time to test them.

[1/21/16 @ 12:56 pm - Matthew]

The emailing of records from Summon issue has been resolved.

This Minor Issue was reported on 8/26/15 and resolved on 1/21/16.

Minor Issue Resolved

[7/24/15 @ 8:10 pm - Matthew]

The RSS feeds that Summon just launched appear to only work with browser-based RSS readers. This means that you can't use them in LibGuides or any non-browser based RSS reader. Apparently no one at ProQuest thought to test that. Bob brought the problem to my attention, and I was able to diagnose the issue, and ProQuest confirmed my suspicions. They've promised to get a fix out ASAP. I'll update when I know more.

[1/20/16 @ 11:27 am - Matthew]

As of today, this is still an open issue. RSS feeds generated by Summon are including HTML tags to format the document, rather than XML tags. (You can see a validation sample of an RSS feed here.)

I've gone back through the list archives, and the last update was from the Summon project manager on September 15th, telling me he'd look into it. I sent a message to the Summon list again today asking for an update.

[1/21/16 @ 12:57 pm - Matthew]

From the project manager today:

"I do not have the RSS issue with external readers resolved yet. It is in the queue to be addressed as soon as possible."

[10/5/16 @ 10:40 am - Matthew]

RSS Feeds now work in LibGuides and other places! It quietly launched with the new interface at the end of August, and I just noticed it as I tested, because they didn't include it in the release notes.

This Minor Issue was reported on 7/24/15 and resolved on 10/5/16.

Minor Issue Resolved

[7/7/15 @ 1:39 pm - Matthew]

Summon searches coming from the library homepage that contain an apostrophe will cause the search to fail, and the Summon search homepage will be displayed instead. ProQuest is aware of the issue, although they haven't mentioned when they plan on fixing it.

[7/7/15 @ 9:46 pm - Matthew]

From the Summon Project Manager via the listserv, ProQuest will be pushing out an update "the week of July 20th" that will address:

  • Resolving authentication issues with RSS feeds
  • Addressing apostrophes breaking search widgets
  • Resolving the “Application Error: Unexpected search failure” related to publication date and content type limiters = newspaper

I'll update once the fixes are in place.

[7/20/15 @ 2:05 pm - Matthew]

A fix for this is scheduled for Wednesday, July 22nd.

[1/20/16 @ 10:48 am - Matthew]

This was fixed in the July updated. Confirmed January 2016.

This Minor Issue was reported on 7/7/15 and resolved on 1/20/16.

Update Resolved

[6/25/15 @ 11:00 am - Matthew]

Updates scheduled for Summon on Thursday, 6/25:


We made the following changes to improve performance and usability with Summon 2.0:

  • RSS Support
  • More details in the DB Recommender list of databases in the admin console; the list of databases now includes:
  • DBID for each database
  • Provider name for each database
  • Improved deduplication rules
  • Better matching of Book/ebook titles based on unique identifiers
  • Improved deduplication of dissertation content type
  • Improved Video Recording content type matching
  • Improved rollups and spotlights
  • Ability to turn off Newspaper Rollups or Image Spotlighting
  • Newspaper articles in a rollup are now removed from the search results
  • Cleaned up related bugs—incorrect behavior for less than 3 results or repetition of results sets 3 or more times

Bug Fixes

We have resolved the following items:

  • Printing search results from the browser results in a jumbled mess
  • Email citation message text is required
  • Application error appears when a change is made to the "results sorted by" option for some searches
  • Preview Pane missing Publication Title field for Reference Content Type
    • APA Citation format should include book edition information
    • Citation links for saved articles mixed up
  • Publication Date Facet: Issues with error checking and when entering two digit years
  • Translation editor setting are not getting translated: "No results were found for this search with your current filter selections. Try clearing your filters to improve your results"
  • Advanced Search
    • User can bypass form validation by clicking Enter to submit Advanced Search
    • Advanced Search Icon not displaying in Chrome

This Update happened on 6/25/15.

Minor Issue Resolved

[6/12/15 @ 12:11 pm - Matthew]

Summon has started adding 2 request buttons on the book detail page. I wrote a short script that fixes the issue, but it turns out that it doesn't work the first time the page loads because of the way Summon's underlying Angular.js works.

![Bad request buttons](Dumb design

I don't have time to refactor our summon scripts to watch for Angular page changes today, but I'll try to dive in on Monday and get this sorted. (Unless of course ProQuest realizes that two identical request buttons that do different things is bad design? Don't hold your breath - they've had 2 identical log in links in the header for a year.)

[6/12/15 @ 11:47 pm - Matthew]

I went ahead and just added a style that hides the second request button. A better fix will be coming soon, but this buys us some time.

[1/20/16 @ 10:47 am - Matthew]

A few months back I added a better fix that correctly styles the two buttons by using CSS rules that look at the URL of the button to make sure that it is looking at the catalog or Illiad buttons.

This Minor Issue was reported on 6/12/15 and resolved on 1/20/16.

Minor Issue Resolved

[6/9/15 @ 3:41 pm - Jeff]

Summon isn't behaving. That's the best I have right now. We are aware that links to books aren't working and apparently Summon is returning results as "books" on a number of items that are actually articles. ProQuest is aware of these major glitches and is working to restore proper functionality.

[6/12/15 @ 12:13 pm - Matthew]

According to ProQuest, this issue has been resolved.

We have validated that the metadata issue involving records erroneously mapped as a "Book" has been resolved. We have also initiated our second index update of the week, which should go live this Sunday.

In case it happens again, Dave Pattern from the University of Huddersfield has written a JavaScript patch to fix the issue on the client side. Let's hope it doesn't happen again.

This Minor Issue was reported on 6/9/15 and resolved on 6/12/15.

Minor Issue Resolved

[4/17/15 @ 11:34 am - Matthew]

The script I wrote to add in our chat button in Summon is making it very hard to click on the "Saved Items" icon in Summon, since the actual icon is not part of the markup for the link. My chat button is pushing the link markup further down the page. I'm working on a fix.

[4/17/15 @ 12:31 pm - Matthew]

I've fixed this issue, and also made the chat button display whether chat services are available or not (and improved chat positioning on smaller screens.)

This Minor Issue was reported on 4/17/15 and resolved on 4/17/15.

Minor Issue Resolved

[4/13/15 @ 8:59 am - Sara]

When searching for Streaming Videos, results that are hosted by Film on Demand are currently not linking through Summon. Users are taken to the citation page but not to the video. Videos still work in Films on Demand, they just need to correct the linking in Summon. Other steaming videos appear to work. Please report if you find otherwise. Serials Solutions is aware of this issue and is working on it.

[4/23/15 @ 12:53 pm - Sara]

SS has updated us that this issue is now resolved. We have confirmed, Films on Demand videos should again be able to be directly access in Summon. Please let us know if you are still seeing problems.

This Minor Issue was reported on 4/13/15 and resolved on 4/23/15.

Outage Resolved

[1/2/15 @ 10:18 am - Sara]

Summon is failing to complete searches currently. When a search is performed, it will start the search but never load the results. The vendor has been contacted and we will post information once it becomes available.

[1/2/15 @ 12:44 pm - Sara]

we checked back early afternoon and access was restored. Serials Solution was unable to replicate the issue.

This Outage was reported on 1/2/15 and resolved on 1/2/15.

Maintenance Maintenance

[12/11/14 @ 12:00 am - Jeff]

From December 11 through December 14, 2014, ProQuest will make improvements to internal systems impacting its Workflow Solutions services (Intota, 360, Summon, and Ulrich’s services). These improvements provide the foundation for future enhancements that will deliver better system performance and response times. To perform these updates there will be some data processing delays and limited functionality, along with service and platform unavailability.

This Maintenance is scheduled from 12:00am 12/11/14 until 12:00am 12/14/14.

Minor Issue Resolved

[9/30/14 @ 9:10 am - Matthew]

When emailing results to yourself, the HTML code from the display page comes through with the email (they didn't set the email MIME type correctly, I suspect.) This has been a known issue for some time, and it is currently on the road map to be fixed by December 2014.

[4/17/15 @ 12:35 pm - Matthew]

This has been fixed. When sending an email, you have a choice between HTML or Text format. HTML emails appear to be sending with the correct MIME type, and I've tested them in several email clients. Please let me know if you see this issue pop up again!

This Minor Issue was reported on 9/30/14 and resolved on 4/17/15.

Minor Issue Resolved

[9/24/14 @ 1:58 pm - Ben]

When one is emailing results to yourself in Summon, the results do not seem to be getting to one's email. I have contacted them to see if they are aware of the problem and when it shall be fixed.

[4/17/15 @ 12:36 pm - Matthew]

This has been fixed.

This Minor Issue was reported on 9/24/14 and resolved on 4/17/15.

Minor Issue Resolved

[9/8/14 @ 11:38 am - Ben]

Summon is working very slowly right now. We have contacted them, and they are aware of the problem. When we hear more from them, I will update this post.

[9/8/14 @ 1:16 pm - Sara]

Summon appears to be restored.

[9/9/14 @ 9:24 am - Ben]

It seems like it back to working correctly.

This Minor Issue was reported on 9/8/14 and resolved on 9/9/14.

Minor Issue Resolved

[9/3/14 @ 8:54 pm - Matthew]

Summon recently added a "Log in" link to the header that takes folks to ProQuest Flow to allow them to save citations and whatnot. The problem is, if you are off-campus you'll get a banner to "Log in to see more" resources. That's 2 links with the same label, "Log in." The additional problem is that the off-campus proxy log in link doesn't look like a link, since it's not underlined and is the same color as the text around it (thank you, 23 year old web designers!)

Here's a screen shot of what it looks like:

Summon Log in Log in

I'm going to at least make the link in the off-campus banner look like a link, and I've reported the issue to ProQuest. I have not received a response, so I'll try to cook up something else to fix this.

[9/11/14 @ 4:33 pm - Matthew]

I changed the labeling of the 2 links, and forced the off-campus banner to have an underline so that it looks like a link. The Flow link now says "Log in to ProQuest Flow" with a title attribute that says "Save and organize citations to make reading and writing easier." The title attribute will display as a little pop-up if you hover your pointer over the link for a moment. The off-campus link now says "Log in with your GVSU account" to add some clarity.

You may have to clear your browser's cache to see the changes.

This Minor Issue was reported on 9/3/14 and resolved on 9/11/14.

Outage Resolved

[8/25/14 @ 12:52 pm - Ben]

Summon is down. We are looking into what is occurring.

[8/25/14 @ 1:23 pm - Ben]

It appears that it is back up and working now.

This Outage was reported on 8/25/14 and resolved on 8/25/14.

Minor Issue Resolved

[8/6/14 @ 4:59 pm - Matthew]

Summon 2.0 just announced that they are unable to harvest content from LibGuides 2.0. They are working to update their harvesting script, but had no ETA as to when content from LibGuides 2.0 will be available in Summon.

Recently, there has been a number of questions regarding the support for LibGuides 2.0 in Summon. After a bit of evaluation and testing, we have found that the content from LibGuides 2.0 is not compatible with our LibGuide harvester. We are actively working on building support for harvesting LibGuides 2.0 pages and will follow up with you once we have a timeline for when this will be supported. This is especially important for those who already have their LibGuides 1.0 pages indexed in Summon and are working on a transition to LibGuides 2.0. We do not yet have a date for when this will be ready, but we will keep you in the loop as soon as we are able to provide a timeline.

I asked Andrew a followup question, about whether this meant just the librarian and guide mapping in the sidebar or all content. His response was that it affects all content for LibGuides 2.0, meaning no guides will appear in search results until they update their harvester.

[8/6/14 @ 5:07 pm - Matthew]

According to our usage statistics, very few folks click on LibGuides in search results. The average hovers around .0186%. (Last month was 4 out of 21,510 clicks on search results.) While it's not ideal to not have LibGuides appearing in our discovery layer, we have also known that most folks visit LibGuides directly, not from a search. I think the data is backing up this perception we gained over the years through interviews and usability tests.

I will keep you up-to-date on Serials Solutions progress with harvesting LibGuides 2.0 data.

[12/19/14 @ 2:27 pm - Matthew]

This has been resolved.

This Minor Issue was reported on 8/6/14 and resolved on 12/19/14.

Minor Issue Resolved

[8/6/14 @ 4:56 pm - Matthew]

Summon 2.0 does not currently offer RSS feeds, which was a staple of 1.0. According to their road map, RSS feeds will be added at some point, but no date has been determined. There is a community effort to write an RSS feed generator, but no updates have come out about that.

[8/19/14 @ 4:49 pm - Matthew]

Summon announced that RSS feeds are on the roadmap to be launched before December 2014. Here is the full announcement:

What is being worked on for upcoming releases of the user interface?
Below is a list of some of the planned work for the Summon 2.0 user interface. Please note that this list is not a representation of everything being worked on regarding the user interface. Nor does it include other aspects of Summon 2.0 such as infrastructure and search/relevance work.

Highlights for July - December 2014 releases (in priority order):

  • Updated multilingual Help page
  • WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance
  • Right to Left Language Support
  • Feedback Link
  • Usage Analytics Reporting
  • RSS Feed
  • Configuration of Topic Sources in Admin Console
  • Configuration of Facets in Admin Console
[6/23/15 @ 11:34 am - Matthew]

This is scheduled to be resolved in the June 25, 2015 update

[7/20/15 @ 2:06 pm - Matthew]

RSS feeds are now available in Summon. As of July 22nd, they will no longer require authentication through the proxy.

This Minor Issue was reported on 8/6/14 and resolved on 7/20/15.

Minor Issue Resolved

[5/20/14 @ 11:50 am - Matthew]

We have received a few additional reports of Summon 2.0 failing to load when coming from the search bar on the library website. These reports are coming from faculty and students, regardless of browser or platform. I have contacted Serials Solutions to work out a resolution to this issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, the following steps will resolve the problem for any patron that experiences it:

  1. Go to
  2. Run a search from the search box there, and wait for the results to display
  3. Head back to and try a search from the search box. It should be working now.

What seems to be happening is that the new interface needs to load a small file on your computer so that the new interface loads. For some reason, coming from our domain, that file fails to load on some machines (it seems to be browser and mac/pc independent). Once it has failed to load once, it won’t load unless you visit the URL of the search tool directly (as in step 1). That forces the file to load and all seems well after that.

[7/2/14 @ 9:45 am - Matthew]

Serials Solutions has tracked down the problem that is causing the blank screens on some searches, and has created a fix. The code will be live with their next update, currently scheduled for July 9th. I'll update once the fix has been pushed through, but hopefully we shouldn't see this anymore.

[8/6/14 @ 4:55 pm - Matthew]

We have been unable to replicate this problem since the fix was put in place, so we're closing out this issue.

This Minor Issue was reported on 5/20/14 and resolved on 8/6/14.

Outage Resolved

[4/28/14 @ 11:44 am - Matthew]

We migrated to Summon 2.0 earlier today, but there is a problem with some machines being able to access the new interface since they are caching scripts from the Summon 1.0 interface. We are working with Serials Solutions on a fix.

[4/29/14 @ 12:00 am - Matthew]

Summon is back up and running.

This Outage was reported on 4/28/14 and resolved on 4/29/14.

Outage Resolved

[4/22/14 @ 9:37 am - Matthew]

Summon is currently down. We are working with Serials Solutions to restore it as soon as possible.

[4/22/14 @ 11:29 am - Matthew]

The issue stems from broader Internet connectivity issues, with a fair amount of latency and packet losses between certain providers. For more information, see

We are working on getting an ETA for a fix.

[4/22/14 @ 2:00 pm - Matthew]

Summon is back up.

This Outage was reported on 4/22/14 and resolved on 4/22/14.

Outage Resolved

[3/24/14 @ 8:45 pm - Matthew]

Summon is currently down. We have reported the issue to Serials Solutions.

[3/24/14 @ 9:02 pm - Matthew]

Serials Solutions has fixed the problem.

This Outage was reported on 3/24/14 and resolved on 3/24/14.

Outage Resolved

[3/19/14 @ 3:40 pm - Jeff]

Summon is experiencing intermittent outages again today.

[3/20/14 @ 8:53 am - Jeff]

This Outage was reported on 3/19/14 and resolved on 3/20/14.

Outage Resolved

[3/17/14 @ 12:50 pm - Ben]

Summon is not working. We are looking into why that is.

[3/17/14 @ 1:20 pm - Ben]

It seems to be back up and working now

This Outage was reported on 3/17/14 and resolved on 3/17/14.

Outage Resolved

[3/5/14 @ 8:46 am - Jeff]

The library main search, Summon, is experiencing intermittent outages, will update when we know more.

[3/5/14 @ 10:00 am - Jeff]

Serials Solutions is actively working on Summon, it comes and goes, try your search again.

[3/5/14 @ 12:51 pm - Jeff]

Summon functionality has been restored.

This Outage was reported on 3/5/14 and resolved on 3/5/14.

Minor Issue Resolved

[2/26/14 @ 3:41 pm - Jeff]

We have seen evidence, and some reports from other libraries, that the summon search is experiencing intermittent outage. If this continues, please refresh and tray your search again.

[2/27/14 @ 12:46 pm - Matthew]

This issue appears to have been resolved.

This Minor Issue was reported on 2/26/14 and resolved on 2/27/14.

Minor Issue Resolved

[1/18/14 @ 12:00 am - Matthew]

When using the "More" link to refine by subject terms, the result counts for each term appears as 0. The subject terms work as expected, but the display error has been reported to Serials Solutions.

[2/27/14 @ 12:47 pm - Matthew]

This issue appears to have been resolved.

This Minor Issue was reported on 1/18/14 and resolved on 2/27/14.

Outage Resolved

[12/4/13 @ 11:21 am - Sara]

We're sorry, but something went wrong.

We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it immediately.

There are no nodes available to service your request.

[12/4/13 @ 12:43 pm - Sara]

And a patron just reported it back up. I am waiting to hear back from Seattle that we are officially in the clear

This Outage was reported on 12/4/13 and resolved on 12/4/13.

Outage Resolved

[9/5/13 @ 11:19 am - Jeff]

Summon is currently down, this has just happened, we don't have any further information at the moment.

[9/5/13 @ 3:46 pm - Jeff]

This should be working again.

This Outage was reported on 9/5/13 and resolved on 9/5/13.