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Minor Issue Resolved

[10/5/16 @ 11:35 am - Ben]

We added 124 new NBER MARC records today.

[10/5/16 @ 11:36 am - Ben]

This Minor Issue was reported on 10/5/16 and resolved on 10/5/16.

Outage Resolved

[10/4/16 @ 10:27 am - Matthew]

The library homepage is down, and is just coming up with an error that says "an error occurred." This is not limited to the library homepage, and seems to be affecting all GVSU CMS4 sites (except for the GVSU homepage, which is still working.)

I've notified the Web Team, and will update once I know more!

Users can still access our other services directly:

[10/4/16 @ 10:28 am - Matthew]

The library homepage is back online.

This Outage was reported on 10/4/16 and resolved on 10/4/16.

Outage Resolved

[7/12/16 @ 10:53 am - Matthew]

The Group Study Room Reservation website is currently down. We've notified IT and they are working on it.

For now, rooms can only be reserved using the Room Wizard screens mounted outside each room.

[7/12/16 @ 12:51 pm - Matthew]

The room reservation website is back up and running.

This Outage was reported on 7/12/16 and resolved on 7/12/16.

Minor Issue Resolved

[2/8/16 @ 9:11 am - Matthew]

Banner is down on campus until at least 3pm today (Monday, 2/8), due to a DOS (Denial of Service) attack over the weekend. All systems that rely on connecting to Banner will be unavailable until Banner service is restored by IT. For us, this is limited to ScheduleIt, the software we use to book Knowledge Market appointments. I'll update once the services are restored.

[2/22/16 @ 12:42 pm - Matthew]

Course Reserve is back online

This Minor Issue was reported on 2/8/16 and resolved on 2/22/16.

Minor Issue Resolved

[9/13/15 @ 1:46 pm - Matthew]

The hours page is wrong again, this time saying that we're closed early in the day even when we're open. I've removed the hours module from the home page and will deal with it tomorrow. I have reported the problem to Institutional Marketing.

[9/14/15 @ 3:04 pm - Matthew]

Institutional Marketing has removed the "current" status text from the hours module in favor of just showing the opening and closing hours. As I have time over the next few weeks, I'll add a script that will convert these to the familiar text our users have preferred.

This Minor Issue was reported on 9/13/15 and resolved on 9/14/15.

Minor Issue Resolved

[9/10/15 @ 8:38 am - Matthew]

The hours module on the homepage is still not working correctly. It continues to say that the Mary Idema Pew Library is closed from midnight until 2am, even though we are open. I have reopened the issue with Institutional Marketing.

[9/11/15 @ 8:14 am - Matthew]

This is still not fixed.

[9/11/15 @ 11:43 am - Matthew]

The web team has run more tests and thinks the hours module should be working correctly. Just in case, I've added a JavaScript patch that will check to make sure the hours module is working correctly after midnight and will rewrite the hours in the browser if it is saying we are closed when we should be open.

This Minor Issue was reported on 9/10/15 and resolved on 9/11/15.

Minor Issue Resolved

[9/2/15 @ 4:27 pm - Matthew]

The hours module on the homepage is not reporting opening hours correctly after midnight. I have reported the issue to Institutional Marketing (they built and maintain the hours module) and will update when I know more.

[9/8/15 @ 11:57 am - Matthew]

Institutional Marketing has fixed the coding problem and run a lot of tests on the hours module, simulating time past midnight. Tonight will be the first night where we are open past midnight, so we'll keep a close watch on the hours to see how it works.

This Minor Issue was reported on 9/2/15 and resolved on 9/8/15.

Minor Issue Resolved

[5/13/14 @ 12:05 pm - Matthew]

There is currently an issue with the hours page, where the server is rejecting updates. As a result, it is only showing the hours for 2 locations: Mary I and Steelcase. We are working with the Web Team to get the issue resolved.

[5/14/14 @ 2:10 pm - Matthew]

Institutional Marketing found corrupted data in the database storing the hours information. Once the corrupted data was removed, the hours tool is working properly again.

This Minor Issue was reported on 5/13/14 and resolved on 5/14/14.

Minor Issue Resolved

[3/31/14 @ 10:27 am - Matthew]

The hours for all libraries are showing up on the homepage. There should only be hours for the first three libraries. Our settings are correct, so Institutional Marketing is looking into the issue.

[3/31/14 @ 10:50 am - Matthew]

The extra libraries showing up on the homepage have been removed.

This Minor Issue was reported on 3/31/14 and resolved on 3/31/14.

Minor Issue Resolved

[3/20/14 @ 10:03 pm - Matthew]

The library hours on the homepage sometimes display incorrect information. For instance, the Mary Idema Pew library is often listed as being closed after 1am, even though it is open until 2am.

The issue has been reported to Institutional Marketing's Web Team, and they are working on a fix. If you see more errors like this, please note the time and take a screen shot and send them to Matthew Reidsma.

[3/31/14 @ 10:26 am - Matthew]

A fix was put into place, and we are still testing it. More details to follow.

[4/22/14 @ 9:38 am - Matthew]

This issue has been resolved.

This Minor Issue was reported on 3/20/14 and resolved on 4/22/14.

Minor Issue Resolved

[12/22/13 @ 8:41 am - Jeff]
[12/23/13 @ 8:58 am - Jeff]

This Minor Issue was reported on 12/22/13 and resolved on 12/23/13.

Minor Issue Resolved

[12/1/13 @ 1:16 pm - Matthew]

The hours page is displaying incorrect information about Frey and Seidman House. Both are closed today, but the new page is saying they are open until midnight. I've submitted a ticket with the developer, although it might not be fixed until Monday.

[12/2/13 @ 11:05 am - Matthew]

The problems with the hours page have been resolved.

This Minor Issue was reported on 12/1/13 and resolved on 12/2/13.

Minor Issue Resolved

[11/27/13 @ 11:34 am - Matthew]

The hours on the redesigned hours page are slightly off. If any location opens or closes at the half-hour, the system is currently rounding the time down to the nearest hour. Today the CML closes at 4:30, but the page is reading 4pm.

Institutional Marketing has been notified and is working on the problem.

[11/27/13 @ 1:23 pm - Matthew]

The hours page now shows the minutes of opening or closing if they are not on the hour.

This Minor Issue was reported on 11/27/13 and resolved on 11/27/13.

Minor Issue Resolved

[10/10/13 @ 2:11 pm - Matthew]

Grand Valley's servers are currently experiencing an attack by a spambot that is submitting bogus data to all of our forms. Since last night, we've received over 5,000 bogus reference consultations. We're working with Institutional Marketing and IT to block these requests, but at this time we don't have plans to take down the consultation form.

We'll let you know when this is resolved.

[10/11/13 @ 8:00 am - Matthew]

Institutional Marketing has resolved this issue.

This Minor Issue was reported on 10/10/13 and resolved on 10/11/13.

Minor Issue Resolved

[8/21/13 @ 2:17 pm - Matthew]

I am updating the navigation in all 11 locations for the /Services tab. There will likely be inconsistencies for the next 30 minutes, since this has to be done manually.

[8/21/13 @ 3:00 pm - Matthew]

All of the navigation has been updated in the following sites under the Services tab:

  • Library website:
  • Library Student Advisory Council:
  • Instructional Services:
  • Scholarly Communications:
  • Course Reserves:
  • Document Delivery:
  • Instruction MenuL

This Minor Issue was reported on 8/21/13 and resolved on 8/21/13.

Minor Issue Resolved

[8/15/13 @ 3:38 pm - Matthew]

Navigation elements under "About" will be changing over the next hour, and will be out of sync across our sites as I manually change them.

[8/15/13 @ 4:36 pm - Matthew]

The About section of the website has been reorganized, and all systems should be up-to-date (All 11 places! Eek!) The MaryI link still goes to the construction website, but that will update next week.

This Minor Issue was reported on 8/15/13 and resolved on 8/15/13.

Minor Issue Resolved

[6/13/13 @ 1:04 pm - Matthew]

The Twitter feed is currently down, since Twitter deprecated version 1 of the API. We are working on updating the feed to the new version of the API and hope to have it back online soon.

[6/13/13 @ 2:36 pm - Matthew]

We have replaced the Twitter feed with a version using the new API, which offers additional features such as inline image displays and the ability to Tweet right from the embedded widget.

This Minor Issue was reported on 6/13/13 and resolved on 6/13/13.