University Libraries

Minor Issue Unresolved

[9/8/17 @ 6:16 pm - Matthew]

The comouter availability map is innaccurate at Mary I (and possibly other locations). I suspect this is related to the recent reimaging of computers by IT. I'm working with Institutional Marketing to fix the issue.

[9/13/17 @ 3:43 pm - Matthew]

Computers are not letting the system know when they log out. Logging in is being captured perfectly, but the system thinks that all computers are in use even after a user has logged off, because the message is not making it to the server.

Institutional Marketing is aware of the issue and is working on it with IT.

[10/2/17 @ 1:14 pm - Matthew]

As of this morning, the computer availability map is not updating for either logins or log outs. This means that it is currently showing that every computer in the building is available. I have a ticket in to Institutional Marketing to find out what is going on and will update when I know more.

This issue was reported on 9/8/17.