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Minor Issue Resolved

[8/30/17 @ 1:17 pm - Matthew]

ProQuest is experiencing issues with the eJournal Portal that powers our Journal Finder. This just came through the list-serv:

This is just a message to acknowledge that we are experiences slowness and/or intermittent non-responsiveness for searches in the 360 E-journal Portal/AtoZ list. Unfortunately, the same symptoms described below have resurfaced and we are still exploring the root cause of the latest incidents.

The slowness does not affect all customers, or even all searches from a given customer site. However, it is happening to enough customers that we are treating it with highest priority as a system-wide, system-down event. For now, we have some manual ways to re-set impacted servers and processes and expect this to alleviate the issue shortly. But we do not have a guarantee the same issue won’t happen again for a brief period at a later time. We have been seeing these issues intermittently for parts of the day yesterday, as well as much of this morning. This also occurred very briefly last week on August 22. If you do experience this behavior again, please do let our Support team know.

I will update the status page as we know more. I can confirm that this isn't affecting all our searches, since I've received several tickets about this in the past 15 minutes, but all searches work fine for me.

[8/31/17 @ 1:05 pm - Matthew]

Early this morning ProQuest made some changes to their server loads and this seems to have addressed the slowness and problems with the Journal Finder. Please let us know if you experience any other issues.

This issue was reported on 8/30/17 and resolved on 8/31/17.