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Minor Issue Resolved

[7/6/17 @ 7:47 am - Sara]

MAC users are experiencing long load times on the Databases page, the Catalog page, and the lib guides pages. We are working to correct this but you may get reports from patrons as it looks initially like they cannot access these systems. They will load but it will be slow.

[7/6/17 @ 10:39 am - Matthew]

This is not a problem with databases, this is a problem with the firewall settings that IT updated for on-campus servers. Basically, they've blocked all requests coming to the library's servers from off-campus. Because LibGuides lives somewhere else, eventually the pages will load, but they won't have styles or the chat button, which are hosted on the on-campus servers.

This affects LibGuides, LibAnswers, Summon, the Library Catalog, LibChat, the Link Resolver, Journal Finder, Illiad, Course Reserves, Digital Collections, and the Status app.

I'm working with the server administrator to fix the firewall rules. I'll update as soon as I know something.

[7/6/17 @ 10:40 am - Matthew]

Also, this technically affects all users, not just Mac users. But because GVSU-provided PCs all have a a VPN-like service that activates when folks are off-campus, we're only getting reports from Mac users. Also, this affects all browsers, not just Safari.

[7/6/17 @ 10:47 am - Matthew]

The network administrator has fixed the firewall settings, and on-campus servers should now be accessible off-campus.

This issue was reported on 7/6/17 and resolved on 7/6/17.