University Libraries

Outage Resolved

[3/20/17 @ 3:00 pm - Patrick]

You cannot request items from the ASRS. We are currently investigating the cause.

[3/20/17 @ 3:39 pm - Matthew]

I've put up notices on the homepage and on the catalog, and redirected any requests for items in the ASRS to a window explaining the downtime.

Once we have the ASRS working again, I'll restore the ability to request items from the ASRS.

[3/21/17 @ 7:38 am - Mary]

The system is working but requests cannot be made from the catalog. Requests can be made from Sierra successfully. Whatever is intercepting the requests from the online catalog needs to be removed.

This issue was reported on 3/20/17 and resolved on 3/21/17.