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Outage Resolved

[2/28/17 @ 2:13 pm - Matthew]

There is an outage with Amazon Web Services that is causing LibGuides to be sporadically unavailable.

Springshare and Amazon are working on the issue, we'll update when something changes.

[2/28/17 @ 2:56 pm - Matthew]

Some parts of LibGuides seem to be working again, but I've noticed several issues connecting with Amazon's servers still. Springshare says the problem is not yet resolved.

[2/28/17 @ 3:02 pm - Matthew]

Amazon is still showing a lot of issues with their entire web services platform:

[3/1/17 @ 7:40 am - Matthew]

Amazon resolved the issue last evening. LibGuides is back up.

This issue was reported on 2/28/17 and resolved on 3/1/17.