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Minor Issue Resolved

[3/22/16 @ 1:00 pm - Matthew]

The Database A-Z list is experiencing some issues right now. The page should be showing all 291 of our resources, and while it does show that we have that many in the system, it is only displaying 100 (reflected in the heading at the top of the list). What's more, the databases are alphabetized only by the first letter of the name, and after that, they seem to be randomly arranged.

Database A-Z Weirdness

I have a ticket in to Springshare about this, and hope to have it resolved quickly.

[3/22/16 @ 1:25 pm - Matthew]

This is a known issue, and is affecting all Springshare users. Springshare is working on a fix. I'll update when I know more!

[3/23/16 @ 9:52 am - Matthew]

Springshare released a fix for this overnight. The Database A-Z list is back up and running!

This issue was reported on 3/22/16 and resolved on 3/23/16.