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Minor Issue Resolved

[1/21/16 @ 1:05 pm - Matthew]

Permalinks have vanished from Summon results. There is currently no way to grab a permanent link to a result in Summon. They disappeared during the code deployment yesterday, but no one from ProQuest knows where they went.

We're being assured that they are looking through all of the desk drawers and cabinets in their offices, as well as the code, to find the missing permalinks. They will update us once they have a solution in place.

[1/22/16 @ 8:51 am - Matthew]

The patch to fix Summon permalinks was pushed live last night, and permalinks have returned to search results:

Permalinks are back

No word on where the permalinks had gone. The important thing is that they are back.

This issue was reported on 1/21/16 and resolved on 1/22/16.