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Minor Issue Resolved

[1/12/16 @ 11:08 am - Matthew]

Faculty and Staff with Windows 8 machines cannot view the Database A-Z page from off-campus. Something on LibGuides seems to be conflicting with IT's auto-VPN setup called "GVSU-DIrectAccess."

We have contacted Springshare to see what might be happening on their end, and will continue to try to get IT to take a look at the issue.

We also encourage you to ask the faculty and staff members to submit a ticket with the help desk. Hopefully force of numbers will help us diagnose the issue.

[1/12/16 @ 3:04 pm - Matthew]

We've identified the problem with Windows 8 machines not accessing library sites or resources from off-campus: IT's DirectAccess configuration seems to ignore the ANAMEs we've added to the server to give our vendor-hosted systems a domain name. So, visiting tells a server somewhere that this URL should direct folks to another server, one hosted at This is incredibly common behavior on the web, but the configuration of IT's DirectConnect seems to break these ANAME forwarding patterns.

The trouble is, IT manages both the ANAMEs and the DirectConnect. We've contacted them with this information and are waiting for follow-up.

[1/22/16 @ 9:15 am - Matthew]

IT has finally gotten back with us about this, and it seems like it was a pretty quick fix for them. They've added all of our ANAME sites to the Direct Access exception list, and this problem should be resolved. Mary will try to test it off-campus later today.

We're still working to clarify whether faculty or staff will have to do something to their machines to load the new settings, or whether it will be seamless for them. I'll updated once we know the issues has been addressed.

[1/25/16 @ 2:59 pm - Matthew]

IT has made the necessary changes to allow Windows 8 laptops with DirectAccess to use library resources, including the database A-Z list, LibGuides, the Knowledge Base, the catalog, ScholarWorks, the Library Labs site, and all EZProxied links.

This issue was reported on 1/12/16 and resolved on 1/25/16.