University Libraries

Minor Issue Resolved

[9/10/15 @ 8:38 am - Matthew]

The hours module on the homepage is still not working correctly. It continues to say that the Mary Idema Pew Library is closed from midnight until 2am, even though we are open. I have reopened the issue with Institutional Marketing.

[9/11/15 @ 8:14 am - Matthew]

This is still not fixed.

[9/11/15 @ 11:43 am - Matthew]

The web team has run more tests and thinks the hours module should be working correctly. Just in case, I've added a JavaScript patch that will check to make sure the hours module is working correctly after midnight and will rewrite the hours in the browser if it is saying we are closed when we should be open.

This issue was reported on 9/10/15 and resolved on 9/11/15.