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Feature Request Resolved

[8/11/15 @ 3:30 pm - Matthew]

I've asked Springshare to give us the ability to set "pretty" URLs for things like the database Types or database Subjects. Currently they are quite ugly, and I have to build a URL for them outside the system. This work-around is fine, except for there is no way for me to share the "pretty" URL with anyone oyher than the folks who asked for it.

For instance, Lindy asked for a pretty URL for the Streaming Videos database landing page, so I made her (/video was already in use).

[3/2/16 @ 1:29 pm - Matthew]

Apparently, there is already a way to do this by using the "Tagging Subjects, & URLs" feature, although not even the folks at Springshare realized it at the time. I'll work on creating useful URLs for the subjects and formats, although I'm still stumped on how best to share them.

This issue was reported on 8/11/15 and resolved on 3/2/16.