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Minor Issue Resolved

[7/24/15 @ 8:10 pm - Matthew]

The RSS feeds that Summon just launched appear to only work with browser-based RSS readers. This means that you can't use them in LibGuides or any non-browser based RSS reader. Apparently no one at ProQuest thought to test that. Bob brought the problem to my attention, and I was able to diagnose the issue, and ProQuest confirmed my suspicions. They've promised to get a fix out ASAP. I'll update when I know more.

[1/20/16 @ 11:27 am - Matthew]

As of today, this is still an open issue. RSS feeds generated by Summon are including HTML tags to format the document, rather than XML tags. (You can see a validation sample of an RSS feed here.)

I've gone back through the list archives, and the last update was from the Summon project manager on September 15th, telling me he'd look into it. I sent a message to the Summon list again today asking for an update.

[1/21/16 @ 12:57 pm - Matthew]

From the project manager today:

"I do not have the RSS issue with external readers resolved yet. It is in the queue to be addressed as soon as possible."

[10/5/16 @ 10:40 am - Matthew]

RSS Feeds now work in LibGuides and other places! It quietly launched with the new interface at the end of August, and I just noticed it as I tested, because they didn't include it in the release notes.

This issue was reported on 7/24/15 and resolved on 10/5/16.