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Minor Issue Resolved

[7/7/15 @ 1:39 pm - Matthew]

Summon searches coming from the library homepage that contain an apostrophe will cause the search to fail, and the Summon search homepage will be displayed instead. ProQuest is aware of the issue, although they haven't mentioned when they plan on fixing it.

[7/7/15 @ 9:46 pm - Matthew]

From the Summon Project Manager via the listserv, ProQuest will be pushing out an update "the week of July 20th" that will address:

  • Resolving authentication issues with RSS feeds
  • Addressing apostrophes breaking search widgets
  • Resolving the “Application Error: Unexpected search failure” related to publication date and content type limiters = newspaper

I'll update once the fixes are in place.

[7/20/15 @ 2:05 pm - Matthew]

A fix for this is scheduled for Wednesday, July 22nd.

[1/20/16 @ 10:48 am - Matthew]

This was fixed in the July updated. Confirmed January 2016.

This issue was reported on 7/7/15 and resolved on 1/20/16.