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Update Resolved

[6/25/15 @ 11:00 am - Matthew]

Updates scheduled for Summon on Thursday, 6/25:


We made the following changes to improve performance and usability with Summon 2.0:

  • RSS Support
  • More details in the DB Recommender list of databases in the admin console; the list of databases now includes:
  • DBID for each database
  • Provider name for each database
  • Improved deduplication rules
  • Better matching of Book/ebook titles based on unique identifiers
  • Improved deduplication of dissertation content type
  • Improved Video Recording content type matching
  • Improved rollups and spotlights
  • Ability to turn off Newspaper Rollups or Image Spotlighting
  • Newspaper articles in a rollup are now removed from the search results
  • Cleaned up related bugs—incorrect behavior for less than 3 results or repetition of results sets 3 or more times

Bug Fixes

We have resolved the following items:

  • Printing search results from the browser results in a jumbled mess
  • Email citation message text is required
  • Application error appears when a change is made to the "results sorted by" option for some searches
  • Preview Pane missing Publication Title field for Reference Content Type
    • APA Citation format should include book edition information
    • Citation links for saved articles mixed up
  • Publication Date Facet: Issues with error checking and when entering two digit years
  • Translation editor setting are not getting translated: "No results were found for this search with your current filter selections. Try clearing your filters to improve your results"
  • Advanced Search
    • User can bypass form validation by clicking Enter to submit Advanced Search
    • Advanced Search Icon not displaying in Chrome

This issue was reported on 6/25/15 and resolved on 6/25/15.