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Minor Issue Resolved

[6/12/15 @ 12:11 pm - Matthew]

Summon has started adding 2 request buttons on the book detail page. I wrote a short script that fixes the issue, but it turns out that it doesn't work the first time the page loads because of the way Summon's underlying Angular.js works.

![Bad request buttons](Dumb design

I don't have time to refactor our summon scripts to watch for Angular page changes today, but I'll try to dive in on Monday and get this sorted. (Unless of course ProQuest realizes that two identical request buttons that do different things is bad design? Don't hold your breath - they've had 2 identical log in links in the header for a year.)

[6/12/15 @ 11:47 pm - Matthew]

I went ahead and just added a style that hides the second request button. A better fix will be coming soon, but this buys us some time.

[1/20/16 @ 10:47 am - Matthew]

A few months back I added a better fix that correctly styles the two buttons by using CSS rules that look at the URL of the button to make sure that it is looking at the catalog or Illiad buttons.

This issue was reported on 6/12/15 and resolved on 1/20/16.