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Minor Issue Resolved

[6/11/15 @ 9:07 am - Matthew]

We asked Springshare to make the close button be the only way that you can close the input modal window in LibAnalytics, per this suggestion by Ashley:

When entering stats like reference consultations and questions [in LibAnalytics], I somewhat frequently accidentally click outside the box while entering the stats and have to re-enter all of my data. It just crossed my mind that you might be able to change it so that clicking the X in the corner would be the only way to close the box. Just a thought in case it is a possibility and you think it might be a well-received change.

[6/12/15 @ 12:14 pm - Matthew]

Springshare and I were unable to replicate this particular error, so we'll do some more looking and reopen the issue if it recurs.

[6/24/15 @ 12:21 pm - Matthew]

Springshare has been able to replicate the problem, now that I realized the problem was with embedded links for libanalytics forms. The code is pretty old, so they will have to do some troubleshooting, but we should have a resolution to this soon.

Changing the request type to a minor issue, since Springshare is calling this a bug.

[1/22/16 @ 9:26 am - Matthew]

This problem was resolved back in June, but neither Springshare nor I realized it. :) LibAnalytics embed links now open in a new window, rather than in a modal window over the existing window.

This issue was reported on 6/11/15 and resolved on 1/22/16.