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Minor Issue Resolved

[6/9/15 @ 3:41 pm - Jeff]

Summon isn't behaving. That's the best I have right now. We are aware that links to books aren't working and apparently Summon is returning results as "books" on a number of items that are actually articles. ProQuest is aware of these major glitches and is working to restore proper functionality.

[6/12/15 @ 12:13 pm - Matthew]

According to ProQuest, this issue has been resolved.

We have validated that the metadata issue involving records erroneously mapped as a "Book" has been resolved. We have also initiated our second index update of the week, which should go live this Sunday.

In case it happens again, Dave Pattern from the University of Huddersfield has written a JavaScript patch to fix the issue on the client side. Let's hope it doesn't happen again.

This issue was reported on 6/9/15 and resolved on 6/12/15.