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Minor Issue Resolved

[4/10/15 @ 2:50 pm - Matthew]

The search function in the administrative Database Subject Mappings screen is not working. I've reported the problem to Springshare, but in the meantime, just browse for the appropriate subject.

[4/15/15 @ 1:47 pm - Matthew]

This only seems to affect Chrome and Firefox browsers on the Mac.

[4/17/15 @ 10:36 am - Matthew]

New update from Springshare:

The search in the admin side (inside boxes) is really just a filter for the title field. The issue you are reporting in is a known issue, which we are working on fixing, but we don't have an ETA as it's been hard bug to consistently reproduce.

[9/14/15 @ 3:26 pm - Matthew]

My testing today seems to show that searching in the database subject field is working now, although I didn't see it reported as a fixed bug in any of the recent updates. Closing out this ticket for now.

This issue was reported on 4/10/15 and resolved on 9/14/15.