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Minor Issue Resolved

[2/18/15 @ 11:09 am - Matthew]

Some assets appear to not respect the description display settings all the time. Kim reported that some assets in the LGBT guide were supposed to show descriptions below the title (and had been showing that way) all of a sudden became pop-up descriptions. When she clicked "Edit" and saw that the settings already said show below the title, the descriptions went back to behaving normally. A few minutes later when I checked, they had gone back to being pop-ups.

I have reported the issue to Springshare, with a screencast of the issue.

[2/18/15 @ 12:17 pm - Matthew]

Springshare was already aware of this issue, and pushed an update out to fix it last night. By clearing my browser's cache, I was able to fix this issue. If you run into this, please clear your cache and reload the page to see if that addresses the issue.

If not, then let me know!

This issue was reported on 2/18/15 and resolved on 2/18/15.