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Feature Request Resolved

[2/18/15 @ 10:54 am - Matthew]

Currently it doesn't seem possible to run a usage report for those assets flagged as databases - you can only run a report on individual assets or on all the assets. We have 300 databases, too many for running individual reports, and almost 14,000 assets, too many to sift through to find the databases. I've asked them to give functionality for reports by databases only.

[2/18/15 @ 11:56 am - Matthew]

Turns out if you run the report for all assets, you can then filter to only show databases. This wasn't obvious when I tried myself, but support explained it and this works perfectly. The database report can then be exported as a PDF or a Spreadsheet.

This issue was reported on 2/18/15 and resolved on 2/18/15.