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Minor Issue Resolved

[2/11/15 @ 12:50 pm - Sara]

Naxos We have found that Safari is not working with Naxos off campus. Naxos is looking to update fix this but no eta for completion. Users have been able to use other browsers such as chrome without a problem.

[3/21/16 @ 10:40 am - Sara]

Naxos Safari issue. I have emailed Naxos for an update. Is this still a problem? I personally have not had problems off campus.

[3/21/16 @ 12:54 pm - Sara]

Naxos Safari issue is believed to be resolved. They wrote back today 03/21/2016 there have been no more reports and they have fixed several bugs.

This issue was reported on 2/11/15 and resolved on 3/21/16.