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Minor Issue Resolved

[11/18/14 @ 2:51 pm - Matthew]

Sometimes when a guide has been transferred from one person to another, box permissions are not changing and specific boxes or items are not editable by the guide owner. I've reported the problem to Springshare, and in the meantime the solution is to delete the box or item owned by a previous owner and recreate them.

[11/18/14 @ 6:46 pm - Matthew]

Springshare indicates that the mismatch in guide and asset ownership is directly related to assets having owners. Springshare will be removing asset ownership (as I understand it) in the next few weeks, and this problem will go away.

If you need an item edited or deleted in the meantime, let Matt know.

I will update once the changes go live.

[3/17/15 @ 7:25 am - Matthew]

This was resolved in the LibGuides 2.1 update.

This issue was reported on 11/18/14 and resolved on 3/17/15.