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Minor Issue Resolved

[11/6/14 @ 3:50 pm - Matthew]

Currently, the page editing toolbar is not appearing on pages when editing them. This means you can't change the publication status of a guide, among other things. You can see the empty space in the upper right of the screenshot below shows where the toolbar should be.

Missing toolbar

Thanks to Elizabeth for pointing this out. I've put in a ticket to Springshare.

[11/6/14 @ 5:00 pm - Matthew]

Springshare decoupled the search box from the Admin bar, and this affected folks with custom templates (like us). We noticed it so quickly that their ingenious fix (below) hadn't yet gone live.

Command bar patch

I've added back the sections of the template that were missing, and the button is back!

This issue was reported on 11/6/14 and resolved on 11/6/14.