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Minor Issue Resolved

[9/3/14 @ 8:54 pm - Matthew]

Summon recently added a "Log in" link to the header that takes folks to ProQuest Flow to allow them to save citations and whatnot. The problem is, if you are off-campus you'll get a banner to "Log in to see more" resources. That's 2 links with the same label, "Log in." The additional problem is that the off-campus proxy log in link doesn't look like a link, since it's not underlined and is the same color as the text around it (thank you, 23 year old web designers!)

Here's a screen shot of what it looks like:

Summon Log in Log in

I'm going to at least make the link in the off-campus banner look like a link, and I've reported the issue to ProQuest. I have not received a response, so I'll try to cook up something else to fix this.

[9/11/14 @ 4:33 pm - Matthew]

I changed the labeling of the 2 links, and forced the off-campus banner to have an underline so that it looks like a link. The Flow link now says "Log in to ProQuest Flow" with a title attribute that says "Save and organize citations to make reading and writing easier." The title attribute will display as a little pop-up if you hover your pointer over the link for a moment. The off-campus link now says "Log in with your GVSU account" to add some clarity.

You may have to clear your browser's cache to see the changes.

This issue was reported on 9/3/14 and resolved on 9/11/14.