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Feature Request Resolved

[9/2/14 @ 12:03 pm - Matthew]

I submitted the following issues regarding the link check to Springshare (thanks to Debbie for the detailed feedback!) I hope these will make the link checker more functional.

  1. When I make an edit the list resorts in some fashion I haven't been able to figure out... no idea where items are going, makes it hard to work through a list systematically.
  2. When I go to inspect a link, the ONLY way to guess where it occurs among my guides is to click on the ACTION icon as if to edit. Klutzy.
  3. I'd REALLY like some kind of indicator in the list as to the publication status of the guide a link occurs in: if it's an unpublished guide, I may not really give repairing that link top priority when working through a long list.
  4. Nothing in the display signals when I've made a change -- I found myself looking at the same items as they (randomly?) showed up "next" on the report I was working through. (kind of related to (1) above.)
  5. Really annoying that I will have to wait until next week (after each Saturday, I guess) to see what actually remains on the list as improperly functioning links.
[9/3/14 @ 8:57 pm - Matthew]

Response from Springshare:

  1. Looks like the default sort is Title Ascending, so if you make an edit to the title, the list will re-sort according to the change you made. I do not believe it sorts any other way, unless of course you change the sort order then happen to edit an asset in the field it's sorting on.
  2. because assets exist independently of a guide (in the Assets repository), linking to the asset edit screen is the most expedient way to get you the list of where the link appears. We could add more filtering options, though--I'm talking to the developer about how to make this work better.
  3. This isn't possible, either, since assets don't live in guides. An asset can be used in many places, and the guides in which it's used could have any of the publication statuses. However, I've passed this on as well.
  4. We've been discussing this--we hope to find a way that you can "dismiss" a link so that you know you've dealt with it in the current report.
  5. The link checker runs on Saturdays because of the drain it poses on server resources. That said, we have moved the process to an entirely new architecture, so once a majority of LibGuides 1 users move to LibGuides 2, we might be able to revisit this. If this is a huge concern for your institution, there are other link-checking options that you could explore, including free browser extensions that do a page at a time. (I'm not sure the extensions would be useful in the grand scheme of things, but it might be helpful to those who'd like to work within the guide framework rather than from the Assets repository point of view.)
[9/3/14 @ 8:59 pm - Matthew]

I'm looking into tying link checking into the workflow I use for the rest of the website, and will update folks on any other news from Springshare on these requests.

[3/2/16 @ 1:31 pm - Matthew]

Updates from Springshare on the link checker:

  • Link-checker frequency: Sorry, we're not able to run the link checker more often than once a week at this time. That would greatly compromise the speed of LibGuides to your users, as well as increase our probability of getting false positives from servers that end up blocking us because of high level repeated pinging.
  • Dismissing link-checker links: this is on our list of potential link checker improvements, but I can't give you an ETA as to when this might be developed.
[5/9/16 @ 11:46 am - Matthew]

I'm looking into alternatives for checking links on LibGuides. Since SS can't do anything about these issues, I'm going to close this ticket out for now.

This issue was reported on 9/2/14 and resolved on 5/9/16.