University Libraries

Minor Issue Resolved

[8/7/14 @ 4:04 pm - Matthew]

Clicking on the edit icon in a box in the far right column pops up a menu, but the menu is covered up by the blue background off to the right of the page. This is a style issue that has to do with our Libraries template, not a Springshare issue. I am working on a fix.

[8/13/14 @ 10:04 am - Matthew]

I updated the template styles to fix this issue. (For those interested, the GVSU template #content wrapper and #page-content wrappers both had a style called "overflow: hidden." This meant that anything that might bleed over the edges of these wrappers would be hidden. The fix was to add a new style to override the default, setting "overflow: visible.")

This issue was reported on 8/7/14 and resolved on 8/13/14.