University Libraries

Minor Issue Resolved

[8/7/14 @ 4:02 pm - Matthew]

It appears that the migration moved over old profile data. Many folks have out of date subjects and contact information. Please double-check your profile data by clicking on the blue box on the left of the Dashboard menu, selecting "LibApps Dashboard," and then clicking the "My Profile."

If you need subjects added or altered, let me know since this is now an administrative feature.

[8/13/14 @ 6:13 pm - Matthew]

I have updated everyone's expertise areas to match the Librarians by subject/name pages, with a few exceptions. I'm not clear on who the expert(s) should be for these categories, and I will be in touch with those folks tomorrow:

  • LGBT Studies - guides are owned by several folks, but I don't see a "liaison" to this area in the list.
  • Natural Resources Management - guides are owned by several folks, but no one person is listed to this "area"
  • Speech Language Pathology - I think this is probably owned currently by Beth, but it wasn't listed in the subject guide.
  • Writing - Hazel is the liaison, but Writing 150's liaison is Emily. For now I've added them both, but perhaps Writing 150 needs to be its own "subject"?

This issue was reported on 8/7/14 and resolved on 8/13/14.