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Minor Issue Resolved

[8/7/14 @ 3:46 pm - Matthew]

Editing friendly URLs seem broken. If you already had a friendly URL in place and you want to change it, it seems to append the new text to the old friendly URL. If you try to edit by putting the whole URL you want in, it gives you a grumpy message. :)

[8/13/14 @ 5:41 pm - Matthew]

It turns out this is a feature, not a bug! What we mistook for the guide level friendly URL was actually a new feature, page friendly URLs. Now you can create friendly URLs for each page/tab of your guide, like "/history/databases" or "/english/websites."

Because of a conflict between our custom code and the LibGuides editor code, the ability to edit subjects, tags, and friendly URLs was broken. Thus, the actual friendly URL editor wasn't showing up. I currently turned off running our custom code on admin pages, but this distorts the idea of how much room you have to work with in displaying your guide, but I am working to get our code cooperating with Springshare's editor code in the next day or so.

[8/19/14 @ 1:22 pm - Matthew]

I have fixed the part of the template that was missing, allowing you to now update friendly URLs, subjects, and tags.

This issue was reported on 8/7/14 and resolved on 8/19/14.