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Minor Issue Resolved

[8/6/14 @ 4:59 pm - Matthew]

Summon 2.0 just announced that they are unable to harvest content from LibGuides 2.0. They are working to update their harvesting script, but had no ETA as to when content from LibGuides 2.0 will be available in Summon.

Recently, there has been a number of questions regarding the support for LibGuides 2.0 in Summon. After a bit of evaluation and testing, we have found that the content from LibGuides 2.0 is not compatible with our LibGuide harvester. We are actively working on building support for harvesting LibGuides 2.0 pages and will follow up with you once we have a timeline for when this will be supported. This is especially important for those who already have their LibGuides 1.0 pages indexed in Summon and are working on a transition to LibGuides 2.0. We do not yet have a date for when this will be ready, but we will keep you in the loop as soon as we are able to provide a timeline.

I asked Andrew a followup question, about whether this meant just the librarian and guide mapping in the sidebar or all content. His response was that it affects all content for LibGuides 2.0, meaning no guides will appear in search results until they update their harvester.

[8/6/14 @ 5:07 pm - Matthew]

According to our usage statistics, very few folks click on LibGuides in search results. The average hovers around .0186%. (Last month was 4 out of 21,510 clicks on search results.) While it's not ideal to not have LibGuides appearing in our discovery layer, we have also known that most folks visit LibGuides directly, not from a search. I think the data is backing up this perception we gained over the years through interviews and usability tests.

I will keep you up-to-date on Serials Solutions progress with harvesting LibGuides 2.0 data.

[12/19/14 @ 2:27 pm - Matthew]

This has been resolved.

This issue was reported on 8/6/14 and resolved on 12/19/14.