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Minor Issue Resolved

[8/6/14 @ 4:41 pm - Matthew]

Editing the title of profile boxes does not change the display title.

[8/6/14 @ 4:42 pm - Matthew]

Debbie originally reported this, but when I went in to her guide with administrative rights, I was able to edit the box title successfully. However, it made the content of the box disappear, showing an error message instead.

I'm submitting a ticket to Springshare on this one.

[8/7/14 @ 3:12 pm - Matthew]

From Springshare:

This is a known issue, which we are working to fix.

For the time begin, Debbie would have to manually update each profile box of hers. The reason that you got that error, was because you where not signed in as her. :(

We're working on solving this issue, as fast as possible, and hope to a fix in place in the next week or two.

[8/12/14 @ 9:47 pm - Matthew]

This bug was fixed in the code release pushed out on 8/8.

This issue was reported on 8/6/14 and resolved on 8/12/14.