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Minor Issue Resolved

[8/6/14 @ 3:38 pm - Matthew]

Some faculty create a link for the profile box widget to embed in course Blackboard sites. Will widgets created for v.1 continue to work once we go live?

[8/6/14 @ 3:42 pm - Matthew]

From Springshare:

"..if they are using v1 widgets (API calls), they'll need to create code for v2 widgets instead. v1 widgets will load v1 profiles. I was ask a developer to confirm this.

I know Bob uses profile widgets with his faculty, but if anyone else uses them, can you let me know? I can look into working with IT to replace the links without having to involve the teaching faculty.

[8/8/14 @ 3:01 pm - Matthew]

I am exploring whether IT can batch change these for us in Blackboard.

[8/13/14 @ 10:12 am - Matthew]

N.B.: LibGuides v1 links should redirect to the new version, but API/Widgets will continue to work for at least 3 months after going live. We're hoping for a better solution, but at least we have some time to work it out.

[8/19/14 @ 1:00 pm - Matthew]

We will we working on this on a case-by-case basis. I'll help folks create new profile widgets, and then I'll be tracking use of the old api links to see if we can find where these profile links live. IT has been unable to find any in Blackboard, so it may not be an issue after all.

This issue was reported on 8/6/14 and resolved on 8/19/14.