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Minor Issue Resolved

[8/6/14 @ 3:34 pm - Matthew]

When you click the "Add/Reorder" menu in a box near the bottom of a page, the menu is cut off by the footer, which appears above the menu.

[8/6/14 @ 3:35 pm - Matthew]

This is an issue with the way I designed the template. I am working on a CSS fix for this (this isn't a Springshare issue, but a result of trying to cram three different types of styles into one product. :) )

[8/13/14 @ 10:05 am - Matthew]

I updated the template styles to fix this issue. (For those interested, the GVSU template #content wrapper and #page-content wrappers both had a style called "overflow: hidden." This meant that anything that might bleed over the edges of these wrappers would be hidden. The fix was to add a new style to override the default, setting "overflow: visible.")

However, because LG does not display the GVSU footer on the bottom of the page, the menu still bleeds off the bottom of the viewport, since the page is not long enough. I am working on another fix for this.

[8/13/14 @ 10:21 am - Matthew]

I've added an update to this that fixes the issue on desktop (haven't tested enough on mobile). Now, the menu will appear to go off the bottom of the screen, but if you scroll the window down, it will continue past the bottom of the footer:

Dropdown menu working

This issue was reported on 8/6/14 and resolved on 8/13/14.