University Libraries

Outage Resolved

[7/19/14 @ 10:00 pm - Matthew]

OCLC network and systems staff will be migrating the virtual web server which houses our ILLiad server to a brand new VLAN (virtual local area network). This next generation network will provide OCLC hosting staff with updated tools for the monitoring and maintenance of our ILLiad web server. The new network also allows for quicker communications to our ILLiad hosted MS SQL database server and a better back-up procedure for the data hosted on our ILLiad web server (html files, pdf files, ILLiad server executables, etc.).

When the network and systems staff have completed their work, our ILLiad server will be brought back online, verified and monitored for any irregularities. This entire process is expected to be completed by 3:00 AM Eastern on Sunday, July 20th, 2014.

[7/20/14 @ 2:00 am - Matthew]

The scheduled maintenance was completed successfully.

[7/22/14 @ 11:17 am - Matthew]

This issue was reported on 7/19/14 and resolved on 7/22/14.