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Minor Issue Resolved

[6/5/14 @ 11:14 am - Sara]

We have encountered several examples of the link resolver failing when attempting to link into ScienceDirect. The page will be blank or the message will state that the url is invalid. The only common factor is that ScienceDirect is the target. Not all SD articles are doing this but generally when one article in a journal fails to connect, you can be fairly sure they all will display the same behavior. I have contacted Elsevier and will update when I hear back.

[6/6/14 @ 2:02 pm - Sara]

Minor Issue for Link Resolver -ScienceDirect ScienceDirect has received several reports of issues between ezproxy and linking into their resources. They are working on a permanent fix, however they have provided us a patch in the meantime so access should be restored through 360 link. If anyone encounters examples that are not working, please report them ASAP

This issue was reported on 6/5/14 and resolved on 6/6/14.