University Libraries

Minor Issue Resolved

[3/20/14 @ 10:03 pm - Matthew]

The library hours on the homepage sometimes display incorrect information. For instance, the Mary Idema Pew library is often listed as being closed after 1am, even though it is open until 2am.

The issue has been reported to Institutional Marketing's Web Team, and they are working on a fix. If you see more errors like this, please note the time and take a screen shot and send them to Matthew Reidsma.

[3/31/14 @ 10:26 am - Matthew]

A fix was put into place, and we are still testing it. More details to follow.

[4/22/14 @ 9:38 am - Matthew]

This issue has been resolved.

This issue was reported on 3/20/14 and resolved on 4/22/14.