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Maintenance for Databases Unresolved

[6/27 @ 7:51 am - Sara]

SRDS has a schedule maintenance for Friday June 30 which will result in SRDS not being accessible starting at 2pm and may last until Tuesday July 4th.

This Maintenance is scheduled from 07:51am 6/27/17 until 07:00pm 12/31/69.

Minor Issue for Catalog Unresolved

[6/8 @ 3:33 pm - Patrick]

The suppression flag (the thing that makes items disappear from results when we get rid of them) isn't being indexed correctly in Sierra. This is causing items we don't have to show up in search results and items we do have to not show up in search results. Innovative is re-indexing our Keyword index now and it should be resolved in a few hours.

This Minor Issue was reported on 6/8/17.

Feature Request for Subject & Course Guides Unresolved

[10/10 @ 10:07 am - Matthew]

When reviewing transcripts and looking at the monthly statistics, it would be so great if the reporting dates remain the same when you toggle between the transcripts tab and the statistics tab. Every time you change between those tabs it reverts back to the current date, and I have to manually enter the date range again.

This Feature Request was reported on 10/10/16.

Feature Request for Subject & Course Guides Unresolved

[10/10 @ 10:06 am - Matthew]

When reviewing chat transcripts, you can filter by chat rating, which is super helpful. However, when you're in that tab, you can view the transcript but you can't email it to anyone. This is really annoying because that means that I need to go back to viewing all transcripts in order to be able to email myself a transcript with a 4-star or 1-star rating. It would be so great if they could add that "email" icon/feature when you're viewing the chat ratings/comments.

This Feature Request was reported on 10/10/16.

Minor Issue for Subject & Course Guides Unresolved

[8/12 @ 11:55 am - Matthew]

When running statistics for a guide, if you have a lot of assets or if you want to see the referring URLs for a guide over a period longer than 2 months, the server will time out before it returns your statistics. Springshare is aware of the issue and working on it, but in the meantime the work-around is to run your stats in 30-day increments.

This Minor Issue was reported on 8/12/16.

Feature Request for Displays & Room Wizards Unresolved

[1/25 @ 3:18 pm - Matthew]

Macs are not included in the computer availability map. We're working with IT to get them added.

This Feature Request was reported on 1/25/16.

Feature Request for Subject & Course Guides Unresolved

[4/17 @ 11:01 am - Matthew]

We'd like to be able to manually order the databases listed as "Best Bets" in the Database A-Z list.

[12:39 pm - Matthew]

From Springshare (wow they are fast):

You're not alone in wanting the ability to setup a custom order for your best bet databases. We already have this feature request filed. I'm not sure when the LG developers will be able to actually get it coded, but it is on the list!

[3/2 @ 1:30 pm - Matthew]

I checked in with Springshare about this:

this is still on our list of potential database list improvements, but I can't give you an ETA as to when this might be developed.

This Feature Request was reported on 4/17/15.

Minor Issue for Subject & Course Guides Unresolved

[8/19 @ 11:58 am - Matthew]

LibGuides 2.0 Database A-Z list doesn't work without JavaScript. Even though most visitors to our site have JS enabled, sites need to have an adequate non-JS fallback for when JavaScript fails to load or is unable to run (for instance, on some assistive devices). I've submitted a ticket to Springshare.

No JS Database A-Z List

Since this would violate section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities act, we won't be using the public side of the Database A-Z list in LibGuides until this issue is resolved.

[3:08 pm - Matthew]

The LibGuides 2.0 homepage is also inaccessible without JavaScript. Sigh. I have a broad interpretation of Section 508 accessibility rules, but I see this as being a problem for these two requirements:

(k) A text-only page, with equivalent information or functionality, shall be provided to make a web site comply with the provisions of this part, when compliance cannot be accomplished in any other way. The content of the text-only page shall be updated whenever the primary page changes.

(l) When pages utilize scripting languages to display content, or to create interface elements, the information provided by the script shall be identified with functional text that can be read by assistive technology.

I have reported this to Springshare, and hope they fix this soon!

[9/11 @ 4:06 pm - Matthew]

Springshare notified me that these are both listed as priority fixes, so we should see an update shortly.

[8/12 @ 9:21 pm - Matthew]

It's been almost a year, but it seems like this still doesn't work without JavaScript. I'll follow up with Springshare.

[3/2 @ 1:32 pm - Matthew]

Checked up with Springshare again:

adding a non-JavaScript fallback for these public pages is still on our list of accessibility improvements. However, we can't provide an ETA as to when this might be developed.

This Minor Issue was reported on 8/19/14.