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Outage for Databases Resolved

[6/16 @ 9:56 am - Sara]

IEEE reported a compromised users illegally downloaded from their site using a GVSU login. We are working to block the user but IEEE will be inaccessible until this is resolved.

[6/19 @ 9:57 am - Sara]

users has been dealt with and access is restored

This Outage was reported on 6/16/17 and resolved on 6/19/17.

Minor Issue for Catalog Unresolved

[6/8 @ 3:33 pm - Patrick]

The suppression flag (the thing that makes items disappear from results when we get rid of them) isn't being indexed correctly in Sierra. This is causing items we don't have to show up in search results and items we do have to not show up in search results. Innovative is re-indexing our Keyword index now and it should be resolved in a few hours.

This Minor Issue was reported on 6/8/17.

Maintenance for Databases Maintenance

[6/8 @ 1:18 pm - Sara]

Ulrich's database is due for maintenance on 06/15/2017 starting between 9-11am for 1hr. It will be unavailable to patrons during this time.

[6/22 @ 2:50 pm - Sara]

This Maintenance is scheduled from 01:18pm 6/8/17 until 02:50pm 6/22/17.

Maintenance for Databases Maintenance

[5/23 @ 8:26 am - Sara]

SRDS will be down for maintenance starting friday May 26 and may be down through Monday May 29

[6/8 @ 1:14 pm - Sara]

This Maintenance is scheduled from 08:26am 5/23/17 until 01:14pm 6/8/17.

Update for Catalog Resolved

[5/17 @ 3:13 pm - Ben]

We added 7,476 new Naxos MARC records today.

This Update happened on 5/17/17.

Outage for Databases Resolved

[5/17 @ 1:53 pm - Sara]

SRDS is experiencing unexpected downtime. Vendor alerted us to the situation today. They are working to restore access. Updates when available.

[5/18 @ 11:42 am - Sara]

They now expect SRDS to remain down throughout the 18th. We will update when we hear more.

[5/19 @ 1:42 pm - Sara]

Will be down the rest of 05/19. Possibly longer

[5/22 @ 7:45 am - Sara]

issue was finally resolved over the weekend. But Saturday was still reporting downtime. Possibly resolved on the 21st

[7:45 am - Sara]

This Outage was reported on 5/17/17 and resolved on 5/22/17.

Minor Issue for Databases Resolved

[5/10 @ 8:38 am - Ben]

It seems there is an issue with proxy and Safari and Android browsers requiring a certificate to get to the proxy log in page. Mary is looking into this now.

[10:00 am - Ben]

It appears IT has corrected this issue.

This Minor Issue was reported on 5/10/17 and resolved on 5/10/17.

Update for Catalog Resolved

[5/9 @ 3:22 pm - Sara]

May Serial Solutions MARC Records 05/09/2017: We added 709 new serial solutions journal Marc records today. We now have 69,009 total in our collection. ​

This Update happened on 5/9/17.

Update for Catalog Resolved

[5/5 @ 11:59 am - Ben]

We added 219 new Safari MARC records and deleted 72.

This Update happened on 5/5/17.