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Issues for Digital Collections

Outage Resolved

[9/15/15 @ 8:51 am - Matthew]

Archives Space is currently down. Annie has sent in a report to Lyrasis, but the server is currently unavailable.

[9/15/15 @ 1:11 pm - Matthew]

This problem appears to be an issue with the way GVSU IT is handling the URL redirect for this service. Mary is working with IT to get it fixed.

[9/15/15 @ 3:57 pm - Matthew]

Archives Space is back up now.

This Outage was reported on 9/15/15 and resolved on 9/15/15.

Minor Issue Resolved

[6/2/14 @ 10:55 am - Matthew]

Our development server,, is currently down. The stylesheets, images, and streaming videos for Digital Collections are located on the development server. We've submitted a ticket to Dreamhost to get this resolved as soon as possible.

[6/3/14 @ 5:37 am - Mary]

The development server, is back online and digital Collections pages are loading.

This Minor Issue was reported on 6/2/14 and resolved on 6/3/14.