GVSU University Libraries


Where in the Libraries Should I Study?

Which animal do you prefer?









How would you best describe your personality?









What type of movie would you most likely find yourself watching?


 Romantic Comedy


 The Classics




 Indie Films

Which city sounds most appealing to you?

 Washington, D.C.

 Cleveland, OH

 Ogden, UT

 Seattle, WA

 Detroit, MI

 New York City, NY

 Nashville, TN

 Chicago, IL

How do you spend most of your spare time?



 Catching up on TV

 What spare time?

 Hanging out with friends

 Doing something hands-on



What is your favorite time of day?


 Bed time

 Early evening

 After class

 Lunch time

 Break of dawn

 Early afternoon


Which of the following best describes your typical morning?

 Peaceful morning meditation

 Checking phone first thing, responding to text messages

 Finally getting up after my fifth alarm

 Up early so I can get my favorite study spot!

 It's different every day!

 Getting up and at it, ready to seize the day!

 Watching the news and learning what is happening around you

 Coffee before talkie

How do you prefer having dinner?

 Somewhere classy

 Something quick and healthy!

 In front of the TV, binge watching my favorite show

 Local farm to table

 With a big group of friends

 Japanese hibachi restaurant

 Attending campus event and snagging food

 Bakery-style restaurant

How would you best describe your life?

 Couldn't be more peaceful

 My Fitbit has a hard time keeping up

 Busy but I wouldn't want anything else

 Busy but I have a clear plan for moving forward

 I haven't really thought about it

 Always changing

 Perfectly balanced

 Constantly on the go

What best describes your weekend?

 Relaxing night in

 Going to the farmer's market

 Sleeping in

 Catching up on the news

 Visiting family

 Finding new adventures


 Going out to dinner